15th May 2015

A lot of people have asked for tips on building speed and agility over the last weeks as a lot sports have finished for the season now. I still see a lot of people doing the same old 60metres or so sprints over a set number of sets and then doing lots of jumping over hurdles etc. this works to a very small degree. But first you need to iron out structural imbalances in the body. Work on getting you’re posture correct.

A example of a session I did with a client this week, who is in pre-season now Myofascia release on certain points of the body, then working on corrective exercises over a set time.

Then the work out:

Prowler march 8 rounds 20metres
Falling start 8 rounds 20metres
Backward med ball throw 5reps 5 rounds
Box jumps onto two tires which creates an unstable base, which makes you work harder.
5reps 5 rounds.

Client recognition………
Katie Georgel
I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive well done to her…
Katie makes no excuses.
She travels from past Tavistock to come and train at least 4 times a week, which is all but, with training a 3 hour round trip.
She is also a mother and runs her own business.
What am saying is there shouldn’t be any excuses.
Katie’s hard work and determination is a joy to watch and she is a very inspirational woman.
The results she has got so far have been life changing, no more fad diets.
Just training regularly, consistently and eating a good variety of food.
I am over the moon with her and she is what the studio stands for.
Katie has also now committed to a whole year of 1:2:1 training with me and also to do the Rocksolid race next year.
I look forward to helping you on your continued journey.
P.S. Keep the good work going especially on the prowler and ropes