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Plymouth Health and Fitness have a private training facility in the historic Millfields site in the heart of Plymouth City Centre.





Here at Plymouth Health and Fitness our 1-2-1 coaching is much more than personal training, it’s an holistic approach aimed at helping you to lead a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle!

Unfortunately, high street gyms and the multitude of personal trainers out there have been pushing the ‘one size fits all’ approach for years, you only have to look at the avalanche of ‘bootcamp’ gym classes that get everyone doing the same thing over and over again! Here at Plymouth Health and Fitness we’re a bit different to that, we will find out what works for YOU!

Our aims are to make you become more motivated, enjoy exercise and build a lifestyle that you LOVE, a lifestyle that is also sustainable for the long term.

Before starting any programs you will undergo a full ‘transformation profile’ meeting. Here we’ll discuss your current lifestyle, your goals, your eating habits (good or bad!) and what motivates and drives you. We will LISTEN to what you have to say and what you want to achieve.

All 1-2-1 coaching is on a solely coach and student basis at our fully private, Plymouth based training studio. No-one will be watching you train or making you feel uncomfortable.

We promise to give you guidance, attention, motivation and RESULTS.

We promise to give you guidance, attention, motivation and RESULTS.

Contact us here to find out more or arrange your initial transformation profile meeting.

Our fees
Our 1-2-1 training and lifestyle programmes start from £350 per month.

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