What our clients say

“I have been going to PHF for just over 9 months. Each excercise has been tailored to my fitness ability and I am feeling the benefits both physically and mentally.”

Jane Helyer, 57

I have been training with Ali for a few months now. He has really helped me to stay motivated and I really like that he keeps the sessions varied. The gym has a great range of equipment. Ali is full of knowledge, and his holistic approach to mental and physical health and fitness is fab. I would highly recommend!

Suzie Penney, 43

Ali is a fantastic coach and the studio is well equipped with everything you will need to get amazing results. I used it on a 1-2-1 basis and the knowledge Ali has is second to none. Would definitely recommend.

Gary Palmer

Ali provides an approach that is unique and personalised to you. He creates a fun, all-inclusive atmosphere that everyone looks forward to attending.

He has a strong focus on technique, functionality, and putting the building blocks in place so that when you start progressing, no injuries occur.

Having lost a lot of drive and motivation towards training, attending Plymouth health & fitness has brought this back. My fitness, strength, and enjoyment have returned so a huge thank you.

Chris Bloye

Ali has massively helped me develop better habits with food, but mainly with exercise and gaining strength. I was nervous and didn't know what to do in a gym but Ali is great at putting a beginner at ease, and I particularly find his educational approach beneficial to me! I've made noticeable gains in my strength and fitness even though I've only been attending his one to one sessions for about a month.

Mark Clifton

Ali has been great, very knowledgable and always available for questions etc. I do the built for life online plan at my local gym and have been doing it for 2 months now and it’s fair to say I love the planned workouts!

Greg Lang

Ali is a great trainer and has a great studio to match. A much better alternative to a main stream gym!

Stewart Campbell

If you're looking for someone who is knowledgeable and is as passionate about your health and wellbeing as you are using an holistic approach then Ali is your guy!

Carla Miller

Ali is absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and really knows his stuff! Highly recommend.

Jonathan Betts

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