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60 minute personal training session

If you don’t train regularly with us this option can be a great add on to your own personal training plan.

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Bespoke training plan

A good option if you train in another gym or are just looking to take your training to the next level.

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The Ali Talk

This is a easy and down to earth talk about the best way to stay motivated and keep on track in your life. This is great for anyone who is struggling to find motivation and will give you that kick up the backside.

This will NOT be ‘death by power point’. I will swear, I will use ‘non pc’ comments and I will call you out on any bullsh*t ! I do this in the most loving way as I want you to leave feeling like you can take on the world and truly believe in yourself again. This is great for inviduals, companies or teams.

I want you to aim for the MOON because if you miss you are still amongst the stars.

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